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We understand exactly what OHSA is looking for. PEPTHA will keep you updated with current standard, industry regulations and compliance. We develop a program specific to your company needs and modified to fit your budget and employees.

Our approach is proven to reduce overhead costs. We ensure the coordination and facilitation of management – employee interaction through safety representative and safety committee meetings
Our annual service contracts offer greater savings and we are always on hand for employee training as and when needed. We ensure that all minimum requirements of the Labour Act, Regulations relating to the health and safety and environmental regulations and codes of practice are complied with and implemented.

Finally, we offer pre-OHSA inspections to correct potential violation.

What we Do

Awareness, Policy & Risk

We Organise and facilitate programs and awareness training to raise the level of understanding and responsiveness for all Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management.

Company SHEQ Policies

Each company is unique in its operation, manufacturing and/or service provision. Therefore, its Policy must be exclusive, meaningful and attainable. PEPTHA will provide its clients with just that.

Employees leave Policies

Companies fall prey to long periods of sick leave, which often leads to huge financial losses. Furthermore they do not readily manage this prolonged sick leave. PEPTHA will draw up a policy to suit the clients business and make it simple to implement and maintain.

Risk Management

Traditional risk management implies that prioritization will be given to risks with greatest loss/cost, and greatest probability handles first and others handled in descending order. This process can be difficult and mishandled; often the desired is not attained. We will introduce our client to effective Risk Management Plan.

HIV/AIDS Policies

We know that HIV/AIDS is a very sensitive issue and it must be treated as such. PEPTHA will ensure that the client’s organisation responds to this enormous challenge. Recognising its impact on the social and economic fabric of the business and the community.

Waste Management

We focus on delivering a value-added and complete service. From on-site waste sorting and management, to transport and logistics, recycling and final disposal. The cradle-to-grave process means that all waste is accounted for in any industry and for any need.

ISO Implementation

OHSAS18001: 2007 - Occupational health & Safety Management systems

There are two aspects to this field; one is the area of safety, which seeks to make workplaces safe for workers so that they do not suffer injuries. Separate from the concept of safety is that of occupational health, where the goal is to prevent the occurrence of illnesses among workers due to exposure at their place of work.
We will bring you up to speed with the NEW requirements, and go beyond that by implementing this within the client’s company.

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems

We will explore the potential benefits and cost (both monetary and environmental) of our clients’ companies’ involvement in the implementation of ISO 14 001.

We will be in a position to assist industry and those involved in environmental issues to take ISO 14 001 as a credible and useful standard for effective environment management in South Africa.

ISO 9001 -
2015 Quality

ISO 9001: 2015 Is designed as a tool for business to become more efficient, improve their processes and ultimately their quality. We will simplify the processes and assist the client to never lose sight of this basic goal.

ISO 9001:2015 is the only standard for which third-party auditors’ m ay grant certification, and PEPTHA will get you there.

Our Clients

Arcelor Mittal
Uthukela Municipality
Rand Water
Motseng Property Group
 Izibulo Collery
Nkomati Mine

Awareness, Policy & Risk

We Organise and facilitate programs and awareness training to raise the level of understanding and responsiveness for all Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management.

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